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Engine back or catback?

What system is better for you? Engine back or catback?

To be very blunt, it all depends on whether you're after sound or performance. The best enhancement for performance, is to finish off the exhaust with a full system. The reason is because headers, dump pipes and catalytic converters are generally restricted from the factory. And, in may casses mufflers are also restricted.

However, with catback exhaust systems, the general purpose from factory is to “muffle” the sound coming from the exhaust. With performance catbacks, generally they are straight through allowing for easy exhaust gas flow, though also supply a louder note as a result of lessoned fibreglass in the mufflers. Sounds can very with catbacks due to bends, length, kiss pipes, x pipes and sizing of mufflers. This is where the price difference of exhausts come into effect, as the R & D involves differing all the pervious mentioned variables to achieve performance, sounds and reduction of droning.

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