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Engine back or catback?

What system is better for you? Engine back or catback?. To be very blunt, it all depends on whether you're after sound or performance. The best enhancement for performance, is to finish off the exhaust with a full system. The reason is because header

Our workshop fitment guarantee (in house at Frankston)

At Exhaust Shop Australia, we don’t muck around when it comes to service standards. When issues do occur, we make sure we do our very best to fix problems effectively. This is why we offer our fitment guarantee along with manufacturer warranties. Our

What size exhaust should you buy?

What s ize catback should i buy?. One of the most common questions we get. What size catback exhaust should I get. If you’re after the loudest sound then a 3”catback exhaust system is the best option. Not only will you benefit with the best sound, if

Aluminised vs stainless Steel?

Here at Manta Performance, we have many decades of experience in making top quality exhaust systems. Our current systems give you the option of either aluminised steel or stainless steel. We are often asked about the differences between these materia