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Do I need to tune my car after fitting an exhaust?

Generally speaking, it's always a good idea to get a tune for your vehicle when fitting a performance exhaust. If you're fitting a high flow catalytic converter, alongside headers or a dump pipe you will need to get a tune, as your vehicle will show

How much power will I get from a new exhaust system?

A catback exhaust system is a relatively simple power modification that will free up your exhaust gas flow and produce an engine note that is louder than your stock system. A catback exhaust is usually made up of a rear-pipe, a resonator and a muffle

Long tube vs normal length headers, which is better?

If you’re running a turbocharged car, long tube headers aren’t usually feasible or practical, so these cars will usually have shorty headers that feed right into the hot-side inlet of the turbo. Otherwise, long-tube headers are generally considered t

4 into 1 vs 4 into 2 into 1 Headers. Which is the best?

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